Syngenta and Ferrero in SAGEA to talk about sustainability

Sustainable agricultural and hazelnut cultivation systems were the key topics that brought together Syngenta, Ferrero and SAGEA to a meeting held in SAGEA’s new headquarters on 23rd of July in Alba (Italy). The discussion participants were Davide Ferrari, SAGEA CEO with colleagues, Erik Fyrwald Syngenta CEO, Riccardo Vanelli Syngenta Italy CEO, Juan Pablo Llobet responsible for Syngenta Southern Europe and Tommaso De Gregorio Senior Agronomist from Ferrero Hazelnut Company.

The intense collaboration between SAGEA and Syngenta focuses on two main areas. Experimentation in viticulture that is performed in vineyards at the Institute of Viticulture and Oenology in Alba. Another area focuses on research in hazelnut crop protection, developing sustainability projects in collaboration with Ferrero HCO. Hazelnut cultivation is largely promoted by the increasing needs of entire confectionery industry globally; however, hazelnut remains a minor crop at national and European level. As pointed out by Tommaso De Gregorio, hazelnut crop faces several phytosanitary challenges with limited solutions available to farmers.

“We are happy to have the opportunity to host the group discussion among agro-food industry leaders jointly addressing the key questions of the innovation in agriculture and to give our contribution in connecting providers of technical solutions with the agro-food sector,” commented Davide Ferrari in conclusion to the visit of the SAGEA’s new headquarters inaugurated in autumn last year.

8th August 2019