Registration of plant protection products and biocides


EU 1107/2009 and 528/2012 Regulations set the standards for the registration of plant protection products and biocides, respectively, as well as their placing on the market, their use and their control in the European Union.

SAGEA, with its specialized staff, provides full support to its clients, producing the required reports and dossiers for the placing on the market of plant protection products, biological control agents, adjuvants, biocides, fertilizers and biostimulants for professional and non-professional use. We provide management of the entire registration process.

Registration of plant protection products for professional use (PPP), for non-professional use (PFnP) and biological control agents (BCA) EU Regulation 1107/2009

  • Planning of the registration process
  • Analysis of pre-existing data an identification of lacking data (data gap analysis)
  • Bibliographic research
  • Organization and conduction of GEP (efficacy and selectivity) e GLP (physical-chemical, residues, toxicology and ecotoxicology) studies.
  • Evaluation of biological activity (BAD/dRR)
  • Risk assessment
  • Writing of the dossiers for the registration process (Annexes II and III)
  • Submission of the dossiers to competent authorities.
  • Obtainment of registration and follow-up

Registration of biocides
EU Regulation 528/2012

Registration of fertilisers
EU Regulation 2003/2003 and National Legislation (D.Lgs. n. 75/2010)