Processing and sensory analysis studies

Authorization for placing on the market of plant protection products requires detailed evaluation of the impact of such products on processing phases (e.g. interference in fermentation metabolism) and on the quality of the treated vegetable matrices (potential alteration of organoleptic qualities).

In its GEP and GLP certified laboratories, SAGEA is able to meet customers requirements regarding processing and sensory analysis, in accordance with EPPO, CEB, ISO, BS, IRAC, IOBC/WPRS and ANFOR international guidelines.

  • Processing of vegetable matrices

    In order to detect plant protection products residues, to assess the quality of agricultural product to be placed on the market and to guarantee consumers safety.

  • Analysis of physical and chemical properties

    In order to evaluate potential alterations caused by treatment of agricultural products.

  • Sensory analysis and taint tests on raw and processed matrices

    In order to evaluate potential modifications of organoleptic qualities following in-field application of plant protection products.

SAGEA is specialized in:

  • Vinification processes (red and white wines)
  • Malting and brewing processes
  • Baking
  • Preparation of preserved vegetables, marmalades, juices, canned fruits.
  • Fermented products
  • Olive oil and other plant-derived oils
  • Processing of vegetables
  • Processing of cereals
  • Dehydration of vegetable matrices