Other services

SAGEA, with its expertise in agriculture, is able to provide a wide range of services

SAGEA organizes and performs monitoring of the main plant diseases in the whole Italian territory.
Monitoring activities support both technical assistance and phytosanitary surveillance. They also are essential for the development and validation of plant diseases models for the most important crop diseases.

SAGEA is able to perform phytopathological analysis in its own laboratory.
Such analysis, performed by SAGEA personnel or in collaboration with specialized scientific partners, focus on the detection and identification of insects and mites and on the isolation and identification of plant-pathogenic fungi.
Our team, in addition to diagnostics service, is able to provide support on the appropriate strategies for prevention or management of the diseases.

Nematological analysis
SAGEA has its own laboratory for nematological analysis, certified by the Phytosanitary Service of Piedmont Region.

Plant disease forecasting models
SAGEA contributes to the development of mathematical models for the forecasting of the main fungal diseases (Plasmopara viticolaVenturia inaequalis,…) and insects (Lobesia botranaCydia pomonellaCydia molesta,…).