Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies

SAGEA is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health to conduct non-clinical studies on plant protection products according to Good Laboratory Practice (D.Lgs. n.50 on 02/03/2007, OECD Guidelines Series) concerning the following topics:

  1. Studies of environmental toxicology on aquatic and terrestrial organisms
  2. Studies on the behavior in water, soil, air, bioaccumulation.
  3. Studies on residues

The compliance of data included in non-clinical studies with OECD Test Guidelines and Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is a mandatory requirement for the mutual acceptation in other countries adhering to OECD Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD), permitting test data generated by such studies in any member country to be accepted in other member countries for assessment purposes and other uses relating to the protection of human health and environment.

GLP certified multi-site studies:

  • Plant protection products residues in main agricultural crops
  • Residues in stored agricultural commodities following post-harvest applications.
  • Residues in processed agricultural goods (Follow-up studies) and intermediate products (Balance studies)
  • Soil dissipation/ accumulation at different depths and timing following soil application.
  • Evaluation of operator exposure (OpEx, DFR and TTR)
  • Crop rotational studies
  • Open field, semi-field and laboratory Ecotoxicological studies for the evaluation of effects on non-target organisms:
    • Bees, bumblebees and other pollinators
    • Predator arthropods (phytoseiid mites, coccinellids, chrysopids) and parasitoids (hymenopterans)
    • Soil organisms (earthworms, springtails, predator mites, microflora)
    • Plants (germinability and selectivity)