SAGEA Group participates in a workshop in Bordeaux on its research activity in viticulture

SAGEA Group, thanks to its twenty-year experience of studies with copper in viticulture (Davide Ferrari) and in oenology (Paolo Viglione), has been invited to present the experimental data collected on the subject at the round table entitled Enjoying Wine, a European art de vivre to be held in Bordeaux on 29 and 30 November 2021.
This event is organized by the European Union Copper Task Force, a working group of which SAGEA Group is a partner.

The European Union Copper Task Force invited SAGEA Group as a representative PAN-EU CRO to present the scientific results got from hundreds of field and laboratory trials carried out in the last two decades in Europe with different copper based products in viticulture.

Download the presentation of the event: Conference program 2021

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