SAGEA Group lands in Greece: partnership with MAGMA-AGRO kicks off

SAGEA Group strengthens its international presence by signing an Exclusive Strategic Partnership with MAGMA-AGRO, a leading CRO in Greece.

The partnership enhances the long-lasting cooperation between SAGEA Group and MAGMA-AGRO. After Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, SAGEA Group expands its territorial coverage and continues its growth in the South Eastern Europe.

MAGMA-AGRO field trials department is accredited to execute experiments under Good Experimental Practice (GEP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) principles since 2012 and 2016 respectively. Up to now, it has developed 2 experimental stations and an extensive network of experienced growers and local agronomists providing access to a broad variety of testing fields across the north and the south of Greece, carrying out more than 1000 trials.

Apart from the field trials department, MAGMA-AGRO has more activities in agriculture like import of environment-friendly agricultural products and repackaging, storage and distribution of plant protection products and fertilizers, while invests to several international collaborations for the development in Greece of innovative solutions and sustainable methods for plant protection.