SAGEA team at the XIII Congress of the Italian Society of Nematology

SAGEA is a sponsor of the XIII National Congress SIN (Italian Society of Nematology) which brings together all the major Italian experts in the field. The congress is scheduled from 2 to 4 October 2019 at the University of Catania.

With its laboratory certified by the Regional Phytosanitary Service, SAGEA has many years of experience in carrying out experimental tests against nematodes both on protected crops and in the open field.

The SAGEA team of experts formed by Ivo Rovetto, Federico Paratore, Luca Vitale, Sergio Fazio and Giulio Schreiber, all participating at SIN, has developed a series of highly specialized services to meet the new needs of the market. The new phytosanitary legislation and the reorganisation of the National Phytosanitary Service present new challenges to the agri-food sector.

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2nd October 2019