GEP Accreditation SAGEA OOD Bulgaria


SAGEA is proud to announce the addition of a new entity in Bulgaria. The company name is SAGEA OOD and in October 2017 received the GEP accreditation from the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA).

By setting up this sister company, SAGEA can broaden its services in Southern Europe, being Bulgaria part of South EU authorization zone and South East EPPO climatic zone.

SAGEA OOD holds two facilities in two of the most representative Bulgarian agricultural areas: Plovdiv in the South and Varna in the North East of the country.

The experienced local team can carry out field trials on the main crops: open air and protected vegetables, fruit trees, cereals, sunflower, oil seed rape, grape and flowers.

SAGEA OOD is working on efficacy, selectivity and residue trials of plant protection products (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, nematicides), growth regulators, biostimulants and fertilizers.

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