SAGEA Portugal: renewal of GLP certification achieved

SAGEA Portugal’s GLP team took an important step forward that will enable it to continue conducting residue and DFR studies, due in part to the increasing number of requests in this area from clients. The inspection took place on July 6 and 7 at our Torres Vedras facility and was attended by the GLP team … Continued

Collaboration between SAGEA Group and Better Training for Safer Food is strengthened

A group of 50 future registration evaluators from all over Europe, led by Prof. Ettore Capri, was hosted last 22 June at the SAGEA headquarters in Castagnito. The training session involved the participants of the course “Evaluation and Authorisation Procedures for Plant Protection Products”, which is part of the European Union’s BTSF – Better Training … Continued

SAGEA Bulgaria participates in the Agricultural Science and Business conference in Stara Zagora

SAGEA Bulgaria attended the International Conference “Agricultural Science and Business” held on 25 and 26 May in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The aim of the conference was to spread knowledge and good practices in the field of agricultural, biological and technical sciences; to strengthen relations between different universities and institutes in Bulgaria and abroad. Milena Nikolova … Continued

SAGEA doo in Bratislava at the Conference on Registration of Plant Protection Products in Eastern Europe

Representatives of SAGEA Serbia attended the Annual Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference Registration of Plant Protection Products held in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 21 and 22 April. The conference provided to some consulting firms useful information on the authorization and registration of plant protection products in Eastern European markets. Participants had the opportunity to interact with representatives … Continued

Renewal of the GEP certification for SAGEA Iberia S.L.

Great result achieved by SAGEA Iberia S.L., which has obtained its GEP certification renewed for the next five years. The audit by the relevant authorities took place on 21 March at the Carrion de los Cespedes (Seville) facility, during which there was the verification of the staff training, the operating procedures (SOPs), the suitability of … Continued

SAGEA Group at the Business & Science Italy-Serbia Forum

SAGEA Group participated in the Business & Science Italy-Serbia Forum that took place in Belgrade from 20 to 22 March with the aim of increasing the commercial exchanges and investments between the two countries. Italy represents one of the most important investors in Serbia and the presence of Italian companies is concentrated in several strategic … Continued

SAGEA Iberia S.L. obtains renewal of GLP certification

SAGEA Iberia S.L obteined the renewal of the certification to conduct the studies on Residues, DFR and honey-bees in GLP. This important result was announced by ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditatión) following its inspection that took place at the Carrión de los Céspedes facility (Seville) last March. The inspection team thoroughly verified the Standard Operating … Continued

SAGEA Italy at the IV Biostimulants Conference

SAGEA Group took part in the fourth edition of the Italian Biostimulants Conference. The event focuses on the  world of biostimulants and aims to update technicians and agricultural entrepreneurs on both the technical and regulatory topics of this category of substances. The Biostimulants Conference was held in Catania (Sicily) on 1 and 2 March and … Continued

New services offered by SAGEA Group’s phytopathology laboratory

The activity in the SAGEA Group headquarter inside our phytopathology laboratory has expanded with the gene expression analysis. This technique is carried out through a Real-Time PCR instrument which allows to detect and quantify the expression of specific genes (mRNA), which can be related to various desirable features of the crop. This method gives the … Continued

SAGEA Group participates to the EPPO Working Group Digital Technology (WGDT)

Samuele Bumbaca of SAGEA Group will represent Italy in the Working Group Digital Technology (WGDT). The Working Group was set up with the aim of developing a new EPPO PP1 standard on the use of Digital Technology (DT) for the generation of data in trials for the efficacy evaluation of plant protection products (PPPs). SAGEA … Continued